Kathleen Winn for College Board

As a member of the MCCCD Board, you can trust that I will be there to hear your concerns so that I can be your voice in making decisions for the future of our Maricopa County Community College Education system.

Please remember to VOTE in the General Election on November 6, 2018 Let’s get a Winn4MCC!

Experience and Leadership:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Radio Television – Business, U of A
  • Executive Director of Project 25 – working to end sexual exploitation by 2025.
  • Former Director of the office of Arizona Attorney General Community Outreach and Education
  • Board Member of Pinnacle Forum
  • Advisory Board of Family Bridges and Shared Hope International
  • Co-Chairman of the Arizona Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation
  • 30 years of business experience
  • Real Estate and Lending
  • National Team Management Leadership Program Director
  • Married to Albert Winn, mother of 7, grandmother of 9


Letter to Friends of Education